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Spreading A Little Magic

Howdy! You have arrived at Magical Mane's first blog and it isn't going to be about much. I just wanted to introduce myself :). I'm Kenyatta, 25 years old as I type this, I hail from Arkansas (Pronounced Arkan-SAW not Ar-KANSAS) and I am a mother of 2 knucklehead 3-year-old boys. I am one of those moms who love to create and craft (how stereotypically fitting). So let's go into why Magical Mane was started!

1. Product Junkies Unite!!!

When I first went natural I was all over YouTube, and every time the person in the video recommended a hair product I bought it. My roommates during that time loved it because I would always pass off products that I didn't like or hardly used for the next best thing. Their hair flourished because they were consistent mine did not.

2. I wanted to save money.

I spent a couple hundred dollars a month on hair products and that's ridiculous. So one video I came across a YouTuber made her own hair butter at that moment I was inspired! I made hair butters, oils, and sprays for myself and my family.

Spending Money
Mixing products

3. My loved ones encouraged me.

My family and friends were like "Girl sell this stuff it's amazing and it works!" I heard them but I wasn't HEARING them until a few years later and Magical Mane has been blessing scalps and strands ever since!

Our First Product!